​​​Our Strategy

We partner with pharmaceutical companies around the globe to promote [pharmaceuticals] innovative products. As is often the case, entry to certain markets can be a costly and time-consuming process and often leads to second and third tier markets never reaching full potential. However, ASSK Pharma has both the market intelligence and the expertise to maximize sales in the international market place.

ASSK PHARMA is a dynamic organization that can adapt itself to create the best fit with our partners. Our proprietary promotion matrix was developed specifically to maximize the results we could achieve while minimizing the interaction and oversight needed from the manufacturer. Value Added to Our Partners:

·         Provide our partners with a single point of contact for exploring profitable import and promotion opportunities in markets around the world.

·         Create a demand for our partners’ products in the international market place.

·         Protect our partners’ intellectual property, including company owned trademarks and patents.

·         Create new intellectual property for our partners by obtaining regulatory and marketing approval for their products in new countries and territories.

·         Create the product literature, manage the sample program and train the local field sales forces.

·         Ensure the maximum market penetration for our partners’ therapies in every local market.Type your paragraph here.

Maintaining quality control is our prime concern so our customers receive superior quality products. Assk supplies Pharmaceutical goods to its customers at Current Good Manufacturing Practices at fair prices.  All goods are manufactured in accordance to Iraqi Pharmacopoeia (IRQP) guidelines.  Assk seeks to provide leading value added services by working hand-in-glove with strategic business partners to provide its customers with high quality products.  We offer the following product types :

§  Highly scientific products branded from multi-National companies through parallel trading with mainly European and Turkish companies 

§  Contract manufacturing facilities, according to customers requirements and specifications

Our top priority is to satisfy our customers and to make them as comfortable as possible in their dealings with us.