• We store the medicinal products under the conditions specified by the manufacturer in order to avoid any deterioration by light, moisture or temperature. 

• We monitor the temperature periodically and records of temperature are reviewed regularly. 

• Our storage areas are equipped with temperature recorders.

 Our storage facilities are clean and free from litter, dust and pests.

• We have a stock rotation system ("first in first out") with regular and frequent checks.

• Products beyond their expiry date or shelf life are separated from usable stock and neither sold nor supplied. 
• Medicinal products with broken seals or damaged packaging usually withdrawn from saleable stock, and immediately destroyed.


ASSK PHARMA distribution network connects patients with healthcare products across Iraqi and Kurdistan region of Iraq. Due to our experience, ASSK distribution solutions have become an integral part of Iraqi healthcare and we take that responsibility very seriously.

The healthcare industry in the region is constantly changing, presenting new challenges to healthcare companies every day. At ASSK, we consistently expand our distribution services and solutions to help healthcare innovators build stronger and longer lasting connections to their patients.our paragraph here.